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The Philly Light Saber Enthusiasts Collective!
Calling all Star Wars and Light Saber fans! Do you want to be a Jedi Knight, a Sith Lord or a Mando? Now is your chance to make that happen. Join us at PAJedi every Friday night for Light Saber Stage Combat class!

"PA Jedi is a Philadelphia area fan based light saber oriented stage combat group who pull their own inspiration for characters from the entire sci-fi genre. With the freedom to use your imagination, you can enjoy the awe of the saber while being the hero or villain you created."

Date: Friday nights and Sundays Sabers in the Park
Time: 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM
Location Tip: Corner of Baltimore Pike and Church Road.
Class Fee: $5

New members welcome! Bring comfortable workout clothes and your saber (custom, Force FX, Hasbro, broom stick, etc) and come ready to have fun.

Be sure to check our website forum for updated information on classes and events at: http://www.pajedi.com/ or email us at pajedi[at]gmail.com

PA Jedi is fueled by Bawls!

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