Brenna Skirata (brennaraven) wrote in pajedi,
Brenna Skirata

Class Schedule 4/16

7:45 - 8pm - stretches, meditation

8pm - 9:45 - fight/panel work (anyone not performing and/or on the panel, please work on creating or expanding a fight)

9:45 - 10:30 - show fights (please critique, we didn't get to do that
this week), discuss panel details

10:30 - circle up


This is a costume class. If you have never performed in your costume before, please wear the entire costume. If you know your costume well, wear at least your footwear and any pieces that you know are constricting or odd to fight in (billowy sleeves, armor pieces, corsets, etc). I will be checking footwear to make sure it is safe. If you have leather-sole boots, like cowboy boots, please purchase grips for the bottoms. Slippery soles are a safety hazard.

This is the LAST CLASS before Too Many Games in Reading on Sunday the 18th. Fights must be completed and approved by the group in order to be able to perform them.
Also, I will be reviewing letters/numbers with the people who will be teaching the Padawan and Jedi Knight sessions (which I can totally help out with at the convention, btw).
Panel members: please hash out what you are discussing while fights are being worked on.

Furthermore, there is a newspaper from DE coming to class (yay!). They will be focusing on our DE guys, but remember to be wonderful and intelligent and awesome especially while they are around.
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